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America’s Reinvention Warrior

“Angela was very compassionate and thorough in gathering my history and concerns to help me zero in on some areas for change. Her program was detailed and helped me stay on track and offered lots of encouragement and ideas for incorporating lifestyle changes. I highly recommend working with her to feel your best!!”

Teresa Gardner, Dallas, TX

Hi There! I'm Angela Watson Robertson.


I’m called The Reinvention Warrior because I’ve reinvented myself and my life more times than I can count and I believe that when it comes to transforming our lives- we have to have a warrior mindset. Rebirth is hard- it’s messy, complicated and, at times, exhausting. So we must be ruthless in our attempt to recreate our lives with authenticity and grace. Now I’m fighting for others to create their best life.

"In this day and age, if you don’t reinvent yourself you may never find balance, peace and the sustainable life that is your birthright."

I grew up on a farm in northern Missouri where “farm to table” is not a thing- It’s just daily life. As a small-town farm kid I learned to shoot a bow, shoot a gun, drive a tractor, milk a goat, hunt, fish and garden. After high school, my wanderlust led me to move and travel all over the world. I refer to this as my first reinvention: from farm kid to world traveler.

I had the time of my life. I loved fiercely and took some crazy risks. After half a dozen relationships, tons of messy mistakes and more jobs than I can count on my fingers (and my toes), I have a lot of wild stories.

Let’s just say I’m pretty fun
at a dinner party.

Six years into the adventure and fueled by my desire to achieve and pay some bills, I reinvented my career. I got an MBA and climbed the corporate ladder in financial services. Soon enough I had my “dream job” with the fancy title and the big paycheck. It was fun for a while, but I wasn’t healthy. So began a complete life makeover.

I transformed my body, diet, health, marriage and career from the ground up with the vision and mission to create an authentic, sustainable and balanced life that felt right for me.

I started with nutrition and continued on to all areas of my life: exercise, relationships, career, sexuality, finances and spirituality. I started a business, created a national brand and radio show and began sharing my writings and work with the world. I can now say that I’m in the best health of my life. And while my life continues to expand and evolve, I enjoy the gifts of a balanced, peaceful and sustainable life- that deep inner knowing that no matter what comes my way, I have the tools and resources to find my way through the dark into the light once more.

Through the principles I teach, I’ve witnessed clients renew relationships that had been stagnant for decades, revitalize their bodies after years of malnutrition and lack of movement and create businesses and careers that fulfill their life’s purpose and enhance their incomes beyond what they thought possible. Most of all, they enjoy the peace that comes from knowing no matter what comes their way, they are just one ecstatic transformation away from creating their best life.

And now I’m here to help you, so let’s connect. I look forward to hearing from you!

To your reinvention,