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“I got pregnant! AND I am just feeling so much more energized. Fatigue was a big issue previously. Now, I can outlast my 26-year old fiance – even while pregnant! The depression is almost 100% gone! I was all up in my head about food and how to eat for years. Angela’s coaching has allowed me to just chill and feel it out. I now am able to find something to eat without a bunch of stress at every meal.”

Jazmin Kellis, Kansas City, MO

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“So many Changes! I have lost 27 pounds while having gained muscle. My core is as strong as it was 10 years ago when I was in prime shape. I feel 10 years younger as well, my body does not break down and ache as it was before beginning the health regimen. My world has been opened in ways I have never imagined. Your coaching and book recommendations guided me down a path I needed to go, but didn’t know where to find. I have opened up emotionally, openly forgiven those who hurt me in the past and I ended a relationship that needed to end so I could find new growth as a person.”

Kyle Steppe, Overland Park, KS

“Since working with Angela, I’ve felt inspired to dive more deeply into my creative self and my passions, with a renewed and enlivened spirit. I have a better handle on my emotions and anxiety, which previously had the ability to totally clutter my mind and make even the most simple tasks seem strenuous and exhausting. It’s been such a phenomenal change to be able to go about my day with calmness and beauty, while also feeling clear-headed and motivated enough to plan for the future. Angela is so laid back, open, and upbeat that, from the very get-go, she feels like a friend rather than a coach or mentor. I wasn’t expecting to share so much and place so much trust in someone I’d never met and yet she made it easy to do from day one. At the same time, she offers just the right amount of “push” to ensure that, while you’re working with her, you continuously move forward. I appreciated walking away from each session with an assignment or two, designed to push me out of my comfort zone in whatever area it was we were discussing during our time together. I was endlessly amazed at her ability to offer solid insights and advice on any topic I brought up in our conversations, and not only offer her personal experiences as reference, but additionally provide me with several other resources – books, videos, podcasts, and more – to offer further guidance and inspiration. I would absolutely recommend working with Angela! No matter what your goals are to improve yourself – be they physical or emotional – she has the focus, determination, and expertise needed to guide you on your journey.”

Aly Hess, Fort Wayne, IN

“My experience while working with Angela has helped me to discover more about myself and establish some health goals that desperately needed addressed. I struggle with OAS (oral allergy syndrome) and I often find it hard to get the adequate nutrition my body needs. Angela has provided me with options and knowledge of the ways I can get the nutrients I’m lacking. My sessions with Angela are always productive. Her encouraging words and caring demeanor have been a true blessing. Thank You Angela!”

Cassandra Boyer, Holyoke, CO

“I found Angela’s guidance and support wonderful. Angela’s kind demeanor and professional encouragement were exactly what I needed. It was a pleasure working with Angela and I highly recommend her to others seeking balance in their work lives.”

Roxanne Alvarez, Washington D.C.

“Working with Angela was great! She took the time to really talk with me and hear me out about my personal health goals. She was very supportive and made great recommendations with food choices as well as helped me to decide which vitamin supplements would be good for me. It was great working with her and I would definitely pass her name on for others!”

Hannah Oates, Plano, TX

“Angela was very compassionate and thorough in gathering my history and concerns to help me zero in on some areas for change. Her program was detailed and helped me stay on track and offered lots of encouragement and ideas for incorporating lifestyle changes. I highly recommend working with her to feel your best!!”

Teresa Gardner, Dallas, TX

“Angela is a truly gifted coach. She leads from her heart and intuition. Her guidance is life-changing. I am a better person for having Angela in my life.”

Lori S., Dallas, TX

“Angela is warm, empathetic, intelligent and supportive. She listens attentively, asks deepening questions, and I can always trust her to generate thoughtful, do-able solutions. She is an ideal coach and I give my highest recommendation.”

Lindsay Z., Kansas City, Missouri

“Angela clearly works from her heart. She shares wit her clients an extensive amount of knowledge in how-to-self-care and goes above and beyond what you might expect because she truly cares about your success in finding change. Her coaching will supersede anything else you will find out there because she is a genuine person who lives what she teaches. Angela is personable, a good listener, and a fantastic investigator. When in her care, I feel a total sense that she has my higher self in mind. I believe her true goal in her work is to see others heal and to make a difference one person at a time. That’s what makes her nutritional program unique. It’s about nutritional and foundational change. Her program is extensive and is right for the people looking to change their lifestyles in order to walk into true health. I am grateful to have her in my life. You’ll find a forever-dedicated coach in Angela!”

Carey T., Sante Fe, New Mexico

“Angela clearly works from her heart. She shares wit her clients an extensive amount of knowledge in Angela is an amazing woman and coach. Dedicated, passionate, on purpose and knowledgable. The skills that she shared with me I will forever use. Her insight and easy to be around personality makes it comfortable to authentically share with her as well as hear her guidance.”

Kendal W., Dallas, Texas

“Angela is a knowledgeable and caring coach. It is really great to find someone with a true passion for what she is doing.”

Mike A., Dallas, Texas

“She listened well and gathered a thorough picture of where my health and well-being is at so that we could come up with real direction and solutions.”

Brittany S., Santa Fe, New Mexico

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